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I have these prints on hand and available for sale.

These are in other media beside the standard paper print. All are wood or metal prints. So, the colors are going to appear a bit different than they would on the normal paper print. That is part of the allure. At least to me. It makes for a more unusual and unique piece of art.

And none of these pieces need to be framed. They can be hung as is. Actually, that is the way these prints are designed to be. No frames.

This is original work that I shot and had printed as shown.

These are photos of the actual items. Please click on the item you're interested in, and then click on the image to see the full photo. All dimension and media info is also included on that specific image page.

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Shelby Carbs


Shelby Carbs


This shot was taken of the motor of a Shelby Daytona Coupe. The way the entire body section lifted to allow access to the motor made for some interesting soft light even though the afternoon sun was blazing away on this warm SoCal day.

This is printed on wood (birch), and it measures 8x12. The piece is about 3/4” thick, and it’s got a groove routed into the back of it, so it’s ready to hang. This type of printing allows the wood grain to show through the whites.

I really like the way this image is kind of softened up a little in the sunlight.

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