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I have these prints on hand and available for sale.

These are in other media beside the standard paper print. All are wood or metal prints. So, the colors are going to appear a bit different than they would on the normal paper print. That is part of the allure. At least to me. It makes for a more unusual and unique piece of art.

And none of these pieces need to be framed. They can be hung as is. Actually, that is the way these prints are designed to be. No frames.

This is original work that I shot and had printed as shown.

These are photos of the actual items. Please click on the item you're interested in, and then click on the image to see the full photo. All dimension and media info is also included on that specific image page.

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DTLA Arch Lookup & Reflection


DTLA Arch Lookup & Reflection


This is a shot of the new courthouse building in downtown Los Angeles. I was there fairly early in the morning just after this building was finally completed a while back, and I was super lucky to get some crazy clouds doing some weird things with light, which also allowed me to get this nice reflection the building. This place is insane. Notice my timing was also fortuitous in that I was able to get a flock of birds soaring high up in the sky in this shot, too. I don’t even know if it was really open yet—you can see there is still some barbed wire in the picture, too.

Measuring approx 13.3x20, this is printed on metal in what’s called “HD Silver.” This allows the metal to show through the white color of the image. It’s difficult to capture how this affects the print itself, and I do not think this photo does that justice, but that is why it might look a little funky. Honestly, this is mindblowing to see. I am absolutely enthralled with this printing process. When the colors of the image complement it, as they do here, I’ve seen nothing else like it.

This piece has a rectangular wooden “frame” constructed and adhered to the backside, so it can be hung as is. No frame needed or wanted. It will stand out from the wall about 3/4 inch, giving it some depth.

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